Revit Anti-Hangover Gummies

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Singapore’s first all-natural, sugar-free anti-hangover gummy, your perfect solution for a night out!

Revit is the result of extensive research and development backed by scientific evidence and scientists for effective results. Its manufacturing procedure is accordance to FDA guidelines and it is tested by HSA-accredited labs.

Packed with high DHM amount, it helps to prevent hangovers, protects your liver, and even reduces Asian flush!

With a delicious honey-lemon flavour, it’s a great way to get the protection you need. One pocket has 6 servings, with a total of 12 gummies.

RM 59.90 for 1 pack of 12 Gummies.
RM 118.00 for 2 pack of 24 Gummies.
RM 168.00 for 3 packs of 36 Gummies.


  • Alleviates Hangover
  • Reduces Asian Flush
  • Protects Your Liver
  • Replenishes Lost Nutrients and Vitamins
  • 100% Natural, Sugar-Free, Organic and, Vegetarian
  • High DHM Amount of 1000MG
  • Non-GMO Ingredients


  • 92% experienced significant improvements in post alcohol symptoms after consuming Revit
  • 95% reported a decrease in Asian Flush


  • Take 2 Gummies before or during alcohol consumption.
  • Take another 2 Gummies on a heavy drinking night.
  • If you have forgotten to take the night before, take 2 Gummies the next morning.
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