No need for formalities, only good vibes. Aside from corporate events, Brotenders cater to private events and parties too. Beverage catering for private function, a private party, or an intimate gathering of friends. We are here to turn every party into a celebration.

Deepakwali - Private Party

Gin bar? Whiskey Bar? Wine & Champagne Bar? Cocktail Bar? Why not all for the best party ever, bro?

Babor - Product Launch

Fully customized cocktails & mocktails by Brotenders to suit Babor's Ampoules colors.

Wework Drinking Party

Wework’s Thursday Thirstday with Jameson, Wework threw a drinking party for all their members for an interesting networking night.

Sifter Asia at the Gasket Alley
Halloween Party at Common Ground
Fave's Office Party
Concert The Stage at The Bee
Birthday House Party
Product Launching Fashion Event Lot 10

Lot10 KL Fashion Week cocktail servings

Loaf U Launch

Celebrating the launch of Loaf U, a speciality Korean-style sandwich shop.

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